From 2015 Icario is part of the Dr.Helmut Rothenberger Holding in Salzburg/Austria and since then has enjoyed substantial investments to outstand in class and excellence.

“Every time I spend a few days in Tuscany I enjoy the peace, the relaxing atmosphere and the nature with its stunning colors, the warmth and friendship of the people of Montepulciano and the Icario Team. We, as a family business, are driven by values like honesty, responsibility, innovation and reliability and we take great pride in excelling; we love to drink it and to share it with our friends as the sun goes down behind the gentle hills that surround us in one of the most beautiful areas in the world” 

Dr. Rothenberger Helmut – Estate owner



Icario is in Montepulciano, a small village in a corner of Tuscany that still maintains an authentic nature and uncontaminated beauty. As a centre for art, music and full of history, Montepulciano is also one of the oldest areas for winemaking. Several documents, starting from 789 (a legacy of the cleric Arnipert) underline the suitable nature of Montepulciano area for the production of important red wines. Is, in fact, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano in 1980 named to be the very first DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita – Designation of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin). 

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Being part of a DOCG designation means hard work to reach outstanding quality standards. To obtain the DOCG designation a Vino Nobile di Montepulciano must follow strict rules such as the quantity of main grape (minimum 70% of Sangiovese, type “Prugnolo Gentile”), the period of ageing, the alcohol content and the yields.  

Icario etymology:

The name of the winery comes from Greek mythology. Icario was a man from Athens who welcomed the God Dionysus. In return, Dionysus taught Icario the art of growing grapes and fermenting wine in barrels, he gave him also the task of introducing the culture of wine among men. The winery logo, a Pegasus with a newt’s tail, derives from an Etruscan bas-relief found in the historical centre of Montepulciano.


The estate extends for a total of 54 hectares, 25 of which entirely meant for the production of wine

Our vineyard is arranged as an amphitheater with a unique microclimate.

The vineyard is divided into two macro areas:

The highest part (400 – 450 meters) characterized from the presence of tuff and sand

The lowest part (300 meters) with a richer percentage of clays

Tuff and sand are optimal for enhance the finesse and elegance of the wine, while the land in greater presence of clay enrich the wine with structure and body.


The Cellar

Perfectly integrated in the natural environment the cellar was designed according to the most advanced technological precepts currently available, based on principles of functionality and winemaking tradition.



The coexistence of technology and traditional materials makes the cellar both modern and functional at the same time. The building is developed on three levels divided in four different cubes and is engineered for an efficient natural flow from grape arrival through bottling.

The architectural style makes a strong impact thanks to two main factors: the use of hand-broken stones from Siena for the external architectural project (by Studio Valle in Rome) and the use of a geometrical network of steel beams and glass surfaces in the interior architectural design (by the Studio of the Architect Guido Ciompi in Florence).


Art Exhibition

The Icario Art project is conceived to use specific areas of the winery as a cultural space open to the public. We aim to promote the Italian excellence showing a permanent collection of present and past exhibitions. Visitors can enjoy works from important artists such as PIERLUIGI CALIGNANO, ELISEO MATTIACCI, SARA GOLDSMITH & ELEONORA CHIARI, PIETRO RUFFO & MAURIZIO SAVINI, GABRIELE BASILICO, FRANCO BONETTI, MARINO IOTTI, CARLO FRANZOSO – AGATHOS.

icario winery


Luigi Pagoni

General Manager

Reynaldo Serante

Cellar & Vineyards

Cristina Giani

Villa & Vineyard 

Saverio Buoni


Lucia Del Fabbro

Sales, Marketing & Hospitality 

Andrea Della Lena

Executive Officer 

Cinzia Dringoli

Accountant & Administration Office 

Amedeo Lombardelli

Internal Wine Maker 

Crestini Claudia

Events & Vineyard 

Giacomo Biagiotti

Tractorist & Vineyards

the wine maker

“After a dream met a terroir, I took care of it so that you could finally drink it”

Franco Bernabei